Claude Nobs

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Q116313 (as of 2024-02-22 03:12:55)


Date Location Name Instrument
1978-07-08 Casino Montreux Etta James Harmonica
1978-07-09 Casino Montreux Taj Mahal Harmonica
1978-07-10 Casino Montreux University Of Regina Big Band Harmonica
1978-07-19 Casino Montreux Jam session (John McLaughlin & Billy Cobham) Harmonica
1980-07-04 Casino Montreux Santana Harmonica
1980-07-10 Casino Montreux B.B. King Harmonica
1981-07-19 Casino Montreux Nina Simone Harmonica
1982-07-12 Casino Montreux The Crusaders Harmonica
1982-07-13 Casino Montreux Climax Blues Band Harmonica
1982-07-17 Casino Montreux Koko Taylor & Her Blues Machine Harmonica
1983-07-15 Casino Montreux John Lee Hooker Harmonica
1984-07-12 Casino Montreux B.B. King Band and The Muscle Shoals Rhythm Section Harmonica
1984-07-21 Casino Montreux Ondekoza Harmonica
1986-07-19 Casino Montreux Herbie Hancock Quartet Harmonica
1987-07-07 Casino Montreux The Pretenders Harmonica
1987-07-08 Casino Montreux James Cotton Blues Band Harmonica
1987-07-09 Casino Montreux B.B. King & His Orchestra Harmonica
1988-07-08 Casino Montreux Georgia Satellites and George Duke Harmonica, Vocals
1988-07-14 Casino Montreux Joe Satriani Harmonica
1989-07-13 Casino Montreux B.B. King Harmonica
1989-07-20 Casino Montreux Dizzy Gillespie & Phil Woods Harmonica
1990-07-08 Casino Montreux Little Feat Harmonica
1990-07-10 Casino Montreux The Chambers Brothers Harmonica
1990-07-11 Casino Montreux Luther Houserocker Johnson and Blind Willies Blues Review Harmonica
1990-07-18 Casino Montreux Etta James and The Roots Band Harmonica
1990-07-18 Casino Montreux B.B. King Harmonica
1991-07-03 Casino Montreux Polo Hofer Und Die Schmätterband Harmonica
1991-07-04 Casino Montreux The Flatlanders & Friends Harmonica
1991-07-04 Casino Montreux The Texas Tornados / John Popper Harmonica
1991-07-05 Casino Montreux Toto -
1991-07-09 Casino Montreux George Clinton Harmonica
1991-07-12 Casino Montreux B.B. King Blues Band Harmonica
1991-07-17 Casino Montreux Rappers and Singers - From Bebop to Hip Hop Harmonica
1991-07-18 Casino Montreux The Clifford Jordan Orchestra (And Guests) Harmonica
1991-07-19 Casino Montreux The Singer's And Songwriter's Night With Quincy Jones And Big Band Percussions
1991-07-21 Casino Montreux Ashford and Simpson, Andrae and Sandra Crouch and Tata Vega -
1992-07-04 Q's Mark O'Connor, Jim Lauderdale, Buddy Miller & Claude Nobs Harmonica
1992-07-10 Casino Montreux Joe Samataro & Blue Stuff -
1993-07-10 New Q's Chris Isaak Harmonica
1993-07-15 Auditorium Stravinski Etta James and The Roots Band Harmonica
1993-07-16 New Q's Rachelle Ferrell and Group Harmonica
1994-07-06 Auditorium Stravinski Paul Rodgers and Friends Harmonica
1994-07-10 Auditorium Stravinski Johnny Clyde Copeland Harmonica
1995-07-17 Auditorium Stravinski Larry Garner Harmonica
1996-07-12 Auditorium Stravinski Klaus Doldinger's Passport Harmonica
1997-07-08 Auditorium Stravinski B.B. King -
1998-07-08 Miles Davis Hall Keb'mo Harmonica
1998-07-15 Auditorium Stravinski Al Jarreau Harmonica
1999-07-07 Auditorium Stravinski B.B. King Harmonica
1999-07-12 Miles Davis Hall The Jordan Cook Band Harmonica
2000-07-12 Auditorium Stravinski B.B. King Harmonica
2001-07-06 Auditorium Stravinski Steve Lukather & Larry Carlton Harmonica
2001-07-11 Auditorium Stravinski B.B. King Harmonica
2002-07-05 Auditorium Stravinski Chris Rea Harmonica
2002-07-06 Auditorium Stravinski B.B. King Blues harp
2003-07-07 MJF Jazz Club Christine Santelli -
2003-07-14 MJF Jazz Club Boz Scaggs Harmonica
2004-07-12 MJF Jazz Club Tony Banks -
2004-07-16 Miles Davis Hall George Clinton & Parliament Funkadelic featuring Bernie Worrell -
2007-07-09 Miles Davis Hall George Gruntz Harmonica
2007-07-17 Miles Davis Hall Foreigner Harmonica
2007-07-20 Auditorium Stravinski Dr. John Harmonica
2008-07-07 Auditorium Stravinski John Mayall & The Bluesbreakers Harmonica
2008-07-14 Auditorium Stravinski Quincy Jones (rehearsal) -
2008-07-14 Auditorium Stravinski Quincy Jones -
2009-07-08 Auditorium Stravinski Die Ärzte Harmonica
2009-07-12 Auditorium Stravinski B.B. King Harmonica
2009-07-14 Auditorium Stravinski Boo Boo Davis Harmonica
2009-07-14 Auditorium Stravinski Solomon Burke Harmonica
2011-07-01 Auditorium Stravinski Carlos Santana, John McLaughlin Harmonica
2011-07-02 Miles Davis Hall B.B. King Harmonica
2011-07-09 Miles Davis Hall The Montreux Jazz Solo Piano Competition presents Harmonica
2011-07-15 Auditorium Stravinski The History Of Hip Hop, Tommy Boy 30th Anniversary Concert Harmonica
2012-06-29 Miles Davis Hall Philipp Fankhauser Harmonica